Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6th An original sketch and some news to share!

Its August! Already! Wow! This Summer is flying by and I guess almost over for some of us with school starting in just weeks! We hope that everyone has had a least a little Summer fun...even with the heat that most of the country has had!

As soon as I started here at Stuck on U, I have really wanted to try my hand at designing sketches. I downloaded a free office program and have played a bit (if any of you know another program, please let me know because the one I am working with is not the best and I can not put graphics into it). But anyways, we thought it would be fun to share something original with you all...We really hope you like!

Now our news to share....Nanne, Sandi C and I have decided that we are going to move to doing 2 week challenges (every other week) instead of weekly ones. There were lots of reason's really but we thought it would be great to give us and our followers a bit more time, to do our challenges and the other challenges that are out there!

We will post on occasion some extra goodies to share but will from today's post go to every other week. So please come back often!

We really hope that this will encourage more of you to join us in our challenges now that time will be on your side! =o)

We know you are going to be totally bummed out but Nanne isn't here this week! She is vacationing in the states so she won't be able to join us but will be back next time! I just wish I was closer to Florida so I could meet up with her!

Alright, here's what Sandi and I have for you!

Sandi Clarkson

Our Family
Leah Schaeffer

And a bit more news to come, so please come back and see what it is (don't wait until 2 weeks from now! LOL!)


  1. Super cute ladies..couldn't wait to come by and see what both of you had made.. Love the sketch too by they way.. :D

  2. great sketch Leah & love the lo's girls. Nanne have a wonderful vaca!

  3. I think that's a wonderful idea of going 2 weeks on a challenge... It works out a lot better for me anyway!! And the sketch is fantastic, Leah!! Beautiful job as always ladies!! Hugs!!!

  4. I so love the sketch Leah! Great job. If I can't find the time now, I will definitly use it later! Love the idea of having two weeks though! Love both LOs

  5. Great layouts and just maybe I can get a layout or so in on time now! I love this site.... you have the best layouts and always inspire me!!!

  6. Love the sketch Leah! You two have outdone yourselves again on the layouts! I love, love, love that there is now two weeks to get the sketches done! Can't wait to play along!

  7. Great sketch and examples! And personally, I love that you're going to the two week time frame. I love the sketches and challenges here, but I'm such a terribly slow scrapper (no, really, I'm so slooooow!), so I never get them done by the cutoff time (and then I'm already behind on the next one, LOL!) So, maybe now I can finally get some pages done and on time!

  8. Gorgeous work! and I am so happy you will do this every other week... I am unable to keep up.
    I love you sketch, very nice. Luv ya all!

  9. Way to go Leah!! Now you are doing sketches... who knew?!! I will certainly have to find time to play along!! Love the DT samples... you girls rock!!
    Barb :)

  10. Okay... I tried to play along but Mr. Linky won't let me!! Who does he think he is anyway?!! So... I am not going to let him stop me!! Here is the link to my LO!!
    Thanks for the great sketch!!
    Barb :)

  11. I'm liking the 2 week schedule! Especially since I'm going to have more time now too!

    Love the sketch Leah! I've been dabbling at making sketches myself occasionally. Sometimes I have to do a sketch just to get the idea solidified!

  12. Love this sketch cannot use the link as it keeps erroring - is that a word?

    You can see mine here


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