Friday, December 11, 2009

Poinsettias -Christmas Tutorial

TGIF everyone.. and that means its another Tutorial reveal..
I hope you ladies get a good kick out of this Poinsettia for the holidays.. Its great for layouts, cards and anything else you can think of to stick it on.. I even thought about making a wreath with it..
I have made several different sizes with a little more added detail on the big one..

First of all.. I cut the leaves that I used for this flower with the "Stretch Your Imagination" cartridge..
This is the biggest of the poinsettias, which was the easiest to put to together..

Supplies needed:
Stretch your imagination cartridge "Autumn leaf stretched shadow cut"
and "Walk In My Garden" cartridge for the little star shaped flower centers.
red cardstock
green cardstock
yellow cardstock
red, green and yellow stickles
pop dots and glue pen
embossing tool (looks like a double ended pen)
Chalk: Green and Yellow
Ink: brown, black and green

First step:
Cut the GREEN cardstock: 3 X 3" leaves and 3 X 2" leaves (all shadow cut)
Then cut the little star shaped flower from "Walking in my Garden" cartridge also using the green cardstock at 1.5".(also shadow cut)
Cut the RED cardstock: 3 X 3" leaves and 3 X 2.5" leaves (all shadow cut)
and then using YELLOW cardstock cut the little star shaped flower from Walking in my Garden cartridge at 1"..(also shadow cut)

Now for creating a realistic look and assembly:
Using your embossing tool, run a straight line across the back of the leaves.. turn them back over and then bend at the seams. The little star looking flowers need their petals turned upright..
You can at this point add more lines to your leaves if you wish.. I added more detail to the bigger flower by using the embossing tool and running more lines to make the leaves seam more realistic..


Using the inks, rub the seems and edges of the leaves.. Green leaves should be rubbed with green ink, red leaves with black and then yellow star flowers edges with brown.. just slightly..
I made small soft circular movements so the ink didn't splot on, but instead added just enough shadow..

and then:
Using the chalks, add a little green chalk to the edges of the green leaves..just run in a circular motion for softness..

Not a big difference, but you can see it once its done.. You don't have to chalk then, but the leaves will look extra great if you do.!!
after wards you will be bending the leaves and petals..

Using your fingers, bend the leaves and the petals so that they are shaped liked the photo above..
you can turn the very tip upwards.. I wrapped the leaves in between my two pointers and bent them that way..

Now for assembly:

I normally would not have assembled them onto a small circle, but for this tute I did.. The big flower is assembled right onto the layout.. it was much easier to guess the portions and how I wanted the leaves placed..not to cover photos, etc....
so, add you pop dots to the backs of the leaves..
and place them as follows.. and then take the red petals and add them next, in between the leaves..

Like this... and keep layering till your happy with your end result..

and then for the final touches:
add your star shaped flowers on top, layering green on the bottom and yellow on top..
and last but not not least, add your Stickles anyway you want..
I actually made two poinsettias with this flower that I made for the tutorial.. I really didnt' need so many layers..
Here is the bottom of the finished layout that I used the Poinsettias on..

These aren't very quick to make, but they sure do pack a punch!! LOL
You can click on the image to make it bigger.. You can see the difference in the leaves of the big flower and little flowers.. I wanted to show you how different a little bit of extra detail can make..

Ok then ladies... Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on making Poinsettias using leaves from the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge..
We thank you so much for looking!!


  1. Just beautiful, Nanne! From plain old cardstock to a beautiful poinsettia! Your instructions are wonderful and the layout is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nanne...the tutorial is awesome and the flower is the layout!

  3. Wow Nanne....I love the flower..might have to give it a try..your instructions are awesome and the layout is so gorgeous...those flowers add so much to it...TFS

  4. Love this too! I do really like to see the difference from just a bit of inking to adding all the chalk. Its the extra color that adds so much more dimensions. And then I love the detail of slightly bending them, makes it much more natural looking! Anywho, great job Nanne!!!

    p.s. I am missing seeing everyone's LO"s I gotta say!

  5. Soooo beautiful Nanne! Great tut and fabulous layout! I think I'll try this. xxD

  6. How gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nanne, fantastic tute! This turned out awesome and I can wait to try your technique! Thanks for doing!

  8. oops I meant .. can't wait ... typo .. sorry

  9. Beautiful! Love the stickles and inking. They add such great detail.

  10. BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!! You girls got me really thinking!!!! WOW!! Love it! Dawn

  11. Beautiful poinsettia, Nanne!! Can't wait to try it out.... Thanks for sharing.. :o)

  12. I love this tutorial!!! Fabulous!

  13. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing for this festive season.

  14. This is great! Love the technique... so simple too but they look so difficult! I can wow and amaze everyone with my pages now! Thanks for sharing your tutorial! Barb

  15. Thanks for showing us how to do these amazing flowers! I just received my 1st set of chalks today in the mail and can't wait to try this out! Just love this technique but will need to practice to have the beautiful effect yours do. Thanks again!


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