Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inking and chalking Tutorial -#1 Tree

We've had some requests on how to ink and chalk some of the cuts from the cartridges..This will be the first of many to come..
Here I have a tree that I had used on one of my layouts..
In the above  photo you see the before inking (lying flat) and the after .. I cut the tree using the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge and green (light and dark) cardstock. For the inking, I used Tim Holtz Distress ink: Walnut Stain and Black, plus I used Versa Color: #29 Evergreen ink.  I also used dark green chalks by Pebbles,inc.. which you can see in one of the following photos..  The sponges that I used are just cheap make-up application sponges.. works great and they are very inexpensive.

*Remember to click on the photo to open a bigger one..
For the first step.  dab your sponge in the brown (Walnut stain) ink and rub it generously to all of the out side edges and dab it on the bark of the tree (we want that brown).. also, bend the paper at the seems and ink the tips of those as well..I usually hold the tree with one hand and apply the ink with the other.  I never lay them flat when applying ink, only when I cover a larger area..
*Just remember that we are only working on the edges and the seams..

Then  apply some green ink to a clean sponge and just lightly rub/dab the ink working  from the edge towards the middle, but staying close to the edge.. You can add as much or as little as you want..You can really see the difference in the lighter trees..

Then your next step is to take dark green chalk, a medium size cotton ball or q-tip and add the chalk to the edges by applying it in a small circular motion..We always want the edge darker than the rest of the tree.
.  *Do not chalk the bark green, leave it brown..

Now, take the a clean sponge and add some black distress ink to it.. rub the ink along the very edge and then dab it onto the bark of the tree.. were only adding a little bit of shadow to the edges..
We dont' want to cover any of the green ink or chalk...

*Once you have cut the tree (paper doll dress up cartridge), the cricut will cut seems along the tree, where you will first ink them and then with your fingers carefully push the seems open, carefully not to tear the sides (the sides will hold it all together so you don't have 4 different pieces..)
Once you have the seems open, you will bend the layers down towards the trunk of the tree..and this will give you the layering.
It will be little bit difficult, but not impossible..
It will add some dimension to your layout..

So, from This

To This!!!
This is what your final tree will look like.. This isn't the best photo, but you can see what it looks like on a layout by clicking HERE..
And all of it cut with just one piece of  green cardstock..you can use pop dots to apply it to your layout or card and that will give it even more of a 3-D look.. leave it as is or you can decorate it like a x-mas tree, etc..  Just let your imagination run wild..


  1. Hi Nanne
    Thank you so much for posting this...never to late to learn something new...lol
    I do inking but forget to do it sometimes on different pieces for that 3 D effect...so thanks again
    Big Hugs Wanda

  2. Great tutorial! Ink is a staple in my scrapbook supplies. I use it on every layout.

  3. Great tutorial! I'm just beginning to experiment with inks. TFS!

  4. This is an awesome tutorial! It helps me a lot!!!

  5. Ok, I am lost as to how you popped up the tree layers. It looks as if they were cut separate but on the full tree you see it is not. Please help. I missed week two but I am so loving the work. Thanks for all you ladies do.

  6. I have added some more detail to the instructions.. but you are still having problems with the tutorial, please email me and I will send you more photos and try to better describe how its done..

  7. FANTASTIC!! Great info. Very helpful!! Thanks

  8. Great tutorial! I love to use ink on my projects!


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