Monday, June 3, 2013

Our First Project Life Challenge! ~ Add a Button ~

Happy Monday, everyone! Bet you weren't expecting to see a post from Stuck on U today, were you?
Well, we are just full of surprises this Summer! Yes, we are now into the month of June and here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's now Summer. Hard to imagine, right?

Anyway, we have a Brand New Challenge for you today that we are super excited about! Something that we think will appeal to many of you who have busy lives but are trying to keep up with your photos and the happenings in your homes. So, welcome to Project Life!

 While there are no hard, fast rules to this challenge (yet,) we are asking to see Projects that are:
* new as of today
* follow a Project Life format of some kind
* and for this time only, you must


As you see what the Design Team has created, you will get a better idea what's expected for this one. Some people do it by the week, some by the month, while others are more random. They can be digital or traditional. Whatever works for you is fine by us!

But ... before we get to the projects, we want to make a full introduction to some of the new ladies on our team.  Here goes:

Hi my name is Jossie and from Dublin, California.
I am mom to 4 and love spending time with my family.
This is my first year working on a Project Life album and am very excited
to share my pages with you. 

My name is Leah Cameron and I live in a {very} small country town in Victoria, Australia. I have one husband and two daughters and work two days per week. I have been scrapbooking for seven years and this is my fourth year doing Project Life. I love the freedom Project Life has given me in my traditional scrapping, and there is nothing better than seeing my family flick back through previous years’ albums remembering the different things we did.

This is me. Cathy Caines. Mother. Wife. Newfoundlander. And my life is chaos... I bet you were stumped at Newfoundlander - its a stunning island on the most Eastern point of Canada.  Come visit.. we have icebergs! I am an accountant by day and at night I have many hats, which keeps my life unpredictable. I started scrapbooking when my daughter was born three years ago and now that I am blessed with two children, I couldn't let life fly by without preserving the moments.  I call myself an 'emotional' scrapbooker as I love to scrapbook the little things that make me smile.  So, project life is a perfect fit for me!! 

My name is Darcy and I have been scrapping since my oldest daughter was one year old. I live in a small northern Ontario (Canada) community with my husband of 10 yrs, our three girls (3, 5,and 8) and our boxer.bullmastiff Jake. I was so happy to be offered this team as I only have books for my girls. This Project Life is going to be an incredibly selfish journey for me and I am very excited to explore it! 

Some of current DT members are also playing along with PL:

What a great line-up, right? 


So, are you ready to see some projects? I know that I am! Here we go! 

Project Life-Button
Nanné Harry

Pucker Up

Project Life: Button
Project Life- Buttons
Charlotte Brochu

Project Life - Button
Leah Cameron

Project Life ~ Button
Fern Riley

Project Life - Buttons
Cathy Caines

Project Life - Buttons
Erica Ortiz
Mimi's Paper Dreams

Week 1 January 1-7
Darcy Lagrandeur

Project life Buttons
Misty Littlejohn
Digital PL using photoshop

Project Life - Buttons
Jossie Michel

Were those amazing or what? Now it's time for you to get busy and start creating! You will have 2 weeks to create and upload your projects using the Linking Tool. Before you go, I'd like to thank our last Card Challenge participants for playing along. Please grab your Top 3 badge off the right hand sidebar! 

Hope you have a great week! Thanks for coming by! See you back on Friday for an new Sketch challenge! 


  1. So neat to see all the different projects that make up your lives! Can't wait to see the first linky!

  2. Wow! Love all the inspiration from everyone's PL! Awesome! xoxox

  3. Think I see two little cuties I recognize Cathy ! :) Congrats on the DT! Love all these LOs ...should be doing more of the everyday moments myself! Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

    1. Thanks Michelle! :) Glad we got to catch up this weekend!

  4. If my son was little now ...
    If digital camera was invented (sorry that old)...
    If I had a good printer (not dot matrix like in '92) ...
    If I had discovered scrapbooking with so much lovely talent on a blog ....
    I would be the first one to join in project live ... this is so super super good ...
    But the few scrapable pictures I have from 20 over years ago ... not enough for PL
    Concrats to the winners, cool stuf there!

    1. Today is a new day! It's never too late to start!

  5. Wow! I am impressed. I've not done PL per-say. This is inspirational. Makes me want to give it a shot!
    Thanks for the mind challenge.

  6. Beautiful work DT...makes me want to start up with PL again! Sadly, gave up because I ran behind. (Too much of a perfectionist I guess...who says you have to keep up with it weekly except my inner perfectionist voice! LOL) Also a huge thanks for being placed in the Top 3! Always enjoy playing along with you at SOUS!

  7. Amazing pages everyone.. I'm so psyched with this new venture and I hope we get lots of participants playing along...

  8. Wow! What amazing Project Life projects!! I am just starting with PL and can't wait to see more inspiration from the PL Design team members! Love the new look on the blog!!!


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