Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Mini Album Swap-UPDATED

Linky Tools is up and running.. 
Those of you that have received your minis can start linking them to the post.. Can't wait to see what everyone has made..

Good morning ladies..
Us girls at SOUS have been putting our heads together trying to find ways
of inspiring you, to get you to think outside the box and to challenge you to try new things..
So we thought to have a SWAP..
Sounds like fun right? 
Oh, were excited about this one and hope you are too..

Our first SWAP would be an
Autumn themed mini album..

don't get scared just yet..LOL
Its more simple than it sounds..

You will be randomly paired off to another SWAP participant and once your minis are done, you will send them to each other and please include a little thank you gift in your box.

If you would like to participate in the swap, leave a comment and then contact Nanné by clicking HERE
or emailing her at :
(leave your email information and your first name so we can forward your information to your swap buddy)
No home address or phone numbers please, you can keep that between you and your buddy...
and you can email Nanné or leave a comment at anytime during the swap with questions,etc...

  We think that everyone that wants to participate should sign up before our next sketch challenge is posted (August 20th).
We will then randomly draw names to pair you up and email you your swap buddies email information..
We want the mini album to be a surprise, so no peeking or giving out hints..LOL
Lets keep it fun!!

The requirements would be:

1. Size:
No smaller and no bigger than a 6x6 (cause then it wouldn't be a mini) and
covered with designer printed cardstock/paper.
2.. Has to have 6 pages which includes a decorated front cover and  back cover.
 3.Add a minimum of four tags and pockets to your book.
*tags are always so much fun
4.. Autumn colors and embellishments.

5. You can add bling, charms, ribbons, fibers, lace, flowers, brads, embossing, 
stamping, rub-ons.
Here is your time to get creative..

6. Add photo mats and journaling spots on the pages.
 *The amount is up to you, but remember it is a photo album after all..
and most importantly
 Make with your heart. 
*Take pride in your work ladies

Now we know that these mini's might take some time to get finished, 
so we are giving you till the end of October and hopefully have it shipped to your swap buddy by the beginning of November.
If this is a success, we will be announcing a new SWAP at the end of October.

Once you have received your new mini, we want you to take a photo of it, post it on your blog and then link it back to us using McKlinky on the SWAP post.  You will find a link to the post on our sidebar.

*Sign up only if you are serious about joining the swap, we don't tolerate any flakers, but if for any reason you can not finish your mini, please let us know early so that we  don't have any disappointed participants.

So, lets have some fun ladies and get creating..

p.s. McKlinky will start accepting posts on October, Please take a photo of the mini you received and post on McKlinky..


  1. I love this idea!! It is always fun to see what someone else can do when given the same theme!! You girls are so creative! Count me in!!

  2. This sounds like so much fun!! I'm in!!!

  3. Normally I'm not tempted by swaps but I do love autumn and minibooks, and never seem to have a good reason to make a mini! So I'm in for this one. :)

  4. Count me in, love the idea. I also would like to be part of your design team! Luv ya all!!!! You do a fabulous job. Happy Monday!

  5. OK - I'm convinced, as if I don't have enough to do - I love you girls, you are so creative, and this idea is wicked.....

    Count me in....

    Hugs xx

  6. I'm considering this...but I hava a question about the size...
    1. Size: No smaller and no bigger than a 6x6 --

    So if it'd can't be smaller OR bigger than 6x6 then you're saying it MUST BE 6x6??? Just curious is what is really intended? I'm easily confused, so I thought I'd better check first.

  7. HI Joni...
    I was just trying to be funny with that post..sorry, didn't mean to confuse you...
    yeah, a 6x6 would be a great size for a mini..not too big and not too small.. it can be any shape though, doesn't have to be a square..

  8. Count me in....I needed something to get me motivated!!!!

  9. Ok...I'm lauging...and I'm in. I can do something "about" 6x6 or so!!! lol!!

  10. You count me in. I have so much fall themed stuff, this will get me to use it!

  11. FABULOUS idea! I love it!! I will play and swap - count me in!!

  12. just what i need ! count me in !!!!

  13. OK...Count me in!!! I looooove mini's!!! And the AUTUMN theme will be all the more beautiful and inspiring!!! The ideas are already Swirlydooing (lol) in my head!!

  14. well if you guys are joining then I HAVE to because I desperatly want a mini from one of you! LOL! No kidding! And I agree with Lisa, Autumn themed is perfect...anyone else ready for Fall? I certainly am! =o)

    count me in!

  15. This sounds like so much fun. You can count me in. I Love Autumn even if I don't experience it here in So. Florida.

  16. I love mini books. Please count me in too. We are still hot here in Texas but this project will be a fun change of pace from this weather:)

  17. I am new to the site, but would love to participate with this swap!

  18. Looking forward to seeing MORE from you all!!!!! =)

  19. These minis are all so beautiful.

  20. Oh, look! Our blog is all ready for Fall. Love it and love seeing all the minis!


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