Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21 Sketch and Sketch Team Goodbyes

Hi friends!
Today is another sketch challenge for you all!
Another reason to be happy it's Friday!
And, gasp…next week is Thanksgiving! Craziness!

Well we have a little bit more crazy to share with you…
First, we do have something NEW
coming for you all in December! So we want to
get you all excited about some changes coming soon!

One of the not so exciting parts is that 
it's time to say goodbye to some of our dear friends...

We want to warmly thank these
ladies who creative talent has weekly impressed
the heck out of us! Not to mention
their warm hearts and the friendships we have made!
The four of you ladies are easily some of our favorite
ever scrappers! So thank you SO much for having been with us!

Cindy Brown

Neela Nalam

Padni Johan

Patricia van Gelder

(Also want a chance to thank Erica Ortiz and Mayoori Jain
who had to leave a bit ago but still wanted to mention and 
thank them for their time with us!)

Team Projects

In Everything Give Thanks

Happy Helpers
Nanné Harry

Halloween Candy
Charlotte Brochu

Sleepy Hollow
Jane Stirling

Caroleanne Wright

5 Years Ago
Padni T.Johan

Patricia van Gelder

Spy girl
Elisabetta Colavero

Cindy Brown

Neela Nalam

Well let us thank all our team for their
totally stunning projects!
And one more farewell and thank you
to our dear friends!

Thanks again Neela, Cindy, Padni and Patricia! 


  1. Thank you SOUS, thank you to all DT members. Such a new and great experience I had in SOUS !

  2. well we're going to miss the outgoing designers for sure, but i'm excited to hear about the new changes! meanwhile... another awesome sketch & dt inspiration... :)

  3. I know you will miss the design team members who are leaving. I absolutely love this sketch and hope to get a chance to work with it!!!!


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