Friday, November 28, 2014

November 28 Die Cut Challenge and Die Cut Team Goodbyes

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
We hope that you had a wonderful
day of family and friend time and a bit of overindulgence. 
We are assuming most of you are still too full
from yesterday, which means you can just
sit back, veg and check out our projects! hehe!

Well today is the last day for a few of our dear
friends and we want to warmly thank them
for their creative time with us!
We have been very thankful for each of you!

Janis Lewis
Katie Brooks
Mayra Hernandez 
and Neela Nalam 
(who yep, had been on both sketch
and die cut team! you go girl!)

To Grandmother's House We Go…

Janis Lewis
Pause Dream Enjoy

Owl Always Love You
Mayras Designs


 Life is Sweeter
Katy Taylor
An Inside To My Heart

Helen Gullett

ON The Tree Farm
Katie Brooks

 The Yurt Adventure
Neela Nalam

And we are glad to share out Top 3 from the 
November 7th Sketch Challenge.
So many awesome pages shared!
Here's a few of our favs…
Ladies, snag up the Top 3 badge on the right sidebar
to post on your blogs! And thanks to all for sharing! 
It was REALLY hard to choose, you all are
our regular, amazing friends so forgive us having to narrow it down! 




One more huge
to our friends for having created with us!
We will SO miss having you 
here each month! xoxo!

Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21 Sketch and Sketch Team Goodbyes

Hi friends!
Today is another sketch challenge for you all!
Another reason to be happy it's Friday!
And, gasp…next week is Thanksgiving! Craziness!

Well we have a little bit more crazy to share with you…
First, we do have something NEW
coming for you all in December! So we want to
get you all excited about some changes coming soon!

One of the not so exciting parts is that 
it's time to say goodbye to some of our dear friends...

We want to warmly thank these
ladies who creative talent has weekly impressed
the heck out of us! Not to mention
their warm hearts and the friendships we have made!
The four of you ladies are easily some of our favorite
ever scrappers! So thank you SO much for having been with us!

Cindy Brown

Neela Nalam

Padni Johan

Patricia van Gelder

(Also want a chance to thank Erica Ortiz and Mayoori Jain
who had to leave a bit ago but still wanted to mention and 
thank them for their time with us!)

Team Projects

In Everything Give Thanks

Happy Helpers
Nanné Harry

Halloween Candy
Charlotte Brochu

Sleepy Hollow
Jane Stirling

Caroleanne Wright

5 Years Ago
Padni T.Johan

Patricia van Gelder

Spy girl
Elisabetta Colavero

Cindy Brown

Neela Nalam

Well let us thank all our team for their
totally stunning projects!
And one more farewell and thank you
to our dear friends!

Thanks again Neela, Cindy, Padni and Patricia! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Our LAST Project Life Challenge and Some DT Goodbyes

Yes, we are afraid you read that right...
Today is our last Project Life Challenge!

The team has had a wonderful time
creating inspiration Project Life Challenges
and we know that many of you have come
by to see these projects and hopefully 
have enjoyed the many creative ideas!

Project Life is a really cool way of scrapping
and believe it or not, some of our team members
here had never even created this style
of scrapping before joining this team!
So it really had been a growing experience for many of them!

We want to warmly thank the following 
ladies for having been with us all these past months
and will greatly miss seeing their projects here…

Connie Hall 

Darcy Lagrandeur 

Holly Hudspeth 
Sandi Pressley

 Wendy Robinson 

And our last challenge is….

And team projects...

Rainbow Park
Connie Hall

Charlotte Brochu

 Week 35
Wendi Robinson
Scrappy Day In Paradise

Week 44
Darcy Lagrandeur

Week #40
Sandi Pressley
Slightly Off Center

Week 42
Julie Kight

Week 34
Rosie Neustaedter
As Seen In My Scrapbook

Stephanie Eaken

Thank you again to EACH and EVERY
one of you ladies for having been with us!
Nanne and I can not believe we are
wrapping up these challenges!
Just so that that you know though some of the
gals are staying on…more on that later.

Thanks again to those that have been coming by
and checking out these challenges!

Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14 Die Cut Challenge Fall Colors

Welcome to another challenge day!
Hope you are all doing great!
We know that the days are getting more and more busy
as Thanksgiving is just around the corner
(kinda shocking!)

We hope that this challenge today
will help you tackle something
crafty on your to-do list!

Maybe a card for someone you are most
grateful for, getting a jump ahead on a layout
to show off your awesome holiday pies
or maybe you want to create a little
home decor for the holiday?

Either way, we hope you create
and share with us!

You can you ANY die cut with this challenge
as long as the color choices are something Fall!

So think outside the Thanksgiving box if you need to!

Fall is in the Air
Nanné Harry

Fall Photo Pocket

Thankful Thoughts of You
Janis Lewis
Pause Dream Enjoy

Fall Harvest
Vivian Lake

Happy Thanksgiving
Julie Kight
Cards By Cricut


Happy Fall
Katie Brooks

Just Because
Katy Taylor
An Inside To My Heart

Hey! We also need to share our Top 3 from our
great October 24 Sketch Challenge!
Such super projects this time! Thank you ALL for having shared with us!
Here's a few of our fav's…

Snag up our Top 3 badge from the sidebar ladies!




Thank you SO much for stopping in today!
Love to have you come by!