Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Suprise post.. Second flower tutorial.

I made this sunflower using the shadow blackout cut from the Graphically Speaking cartridge and the leaves are cut from the A Childs Year Cartridge.
*Remember to click on the small photo and it will open up a bigger one..

Here is the side view of the what the flower will look like with all of the layers.

These are the chalks that I use.. but I don't see any difference in the brand name.. I also have the smaller packs of 4 colors by INKADINKADO..I actually think they are better, more softer..

First: Cut 2 x 4", 1 x 3.5" and 1 x 3" shadow blackout flowers. I know the photo has more, but once I started layering them, I noticed that it didn't need so many after all..
Once the flowers have been cut, I used my paper trimmer and the fold cutter to add seems to the pedals. I just turned the flowers around until all of the pedals had seems..
Then, using my fingers I bent the pedals at the seems. folding them upwards will add a darker seem once chalked and folding them downwards will give you a lighter seem. once I had them folded, I chalked around the edges and the seem with an orange chalk.
Next step is to use your fingers and push all of the pedals upwards towards the middle.
Then using a pen, pencil or in my case the chalk applicator handle, I bent the tips of the flowers downwards.. I did push them upwards a little with my fingers till I was happy with the end result.
I added my pop dots to the centers of the flowers. In this photo you can actually see the difference in the seem of the bigger flower is folded up and the other is folded down..
and assembled them making sure that the layering pedal was always in the middle of the bottom pedals.
I then cut my leaves using the A Childs Year Cartridge.. The smaller leaves are cut at 2" and the bigger are 2 1/4", but I wanted the bigger ones a bit wider, so I stretched the width a little using the design studio software.
I then chalked them, first with a light green and then with a darker one to give it more of a realistic look. I also bent the leaves a bit and scrunched them up, once again to just give them that little bit of a realistic appeal..
Please please please don't be afraid of bending and twisting your papers.. it is so much fun...
Finally I added a big brown button to the center of the flower and then added the leaves..
This is an over grown flower which would be excellent on the bottom corner of a layout or even as a card..
Thank you ladies so much for participating in our fun. We hope you get a lot of use out of this flower.. Using many different patterned and/or colored papers, your end results are endless.. You can for example make a daisy using white paper and a yellow button..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our First Tutorial to say THANX!!!!!!!!

Choose the paper you would like to make you flower from....I chose a double sided paper so I could alternate my layers...but one sided is fine...cut 3 sizes 4 times...I started at 3 inches and went down in 1/2 inch increments. I used my cricut Graphically Speaking cart for my flower...if you do not have a die cutting system just freehand a simple five petal flower and layer your paper to cut each size once...and remember it's not about perfection!

I chose to ink my edges...that's up to you!

Next...have some fun and get out a little frustration my wadding up your layers....the more distress the better in my book!

Now, fold the flower in half with inked side in and staple.......continued on next post........

Flower Tutorial

With a pencil, paintbrush or your fingers...roll and manipulate the petals to your little hearts desire....
Using double sided tape start layering your flower...don't forget to stagger the petals....
Fold the last layer into fourths and staple....
This is what your finished flower will look like.
Add a couple of leaves and you have a beautiful flower to use on your project~
This tutorial and flower were inspired by Lisa @ What A Beautiful Mess, hop on over to her blog....I promise a wealth of inspiration!

Okay have all been so wonderfully supportive so we wanted to do something for you....a little thank you for helping us off to an incredible start on our new adventure...we have for you this fun flower tutorial...we hope you enjoy it.....thanx so much for signing up to follow us on this creative experience!
Now....are you up for a little challenge....share with us how you used your flower!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coming soon..

This site is currently under construction..
become a follower now and keep in current with whats about to be posted.. this will be a blog of CHALLENGES and tutorials to get your creative juices flowing..
Hope to see you back soon..
Our First Challenge will be posted October 1st.. Are you prepared?..:O)
Get your papers, ribbons and buttons ready now..
Were all excited and we hope you are, come and join in on the fun..