Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coming soon..

This site is currently under construction..
become a follower now and keep in current with whats about to be posted.. this will be a blog of CHALLENGES and tutorials to get your creative juices flowing..
Hope to see you back soon..
Our First Challenge will be posted October 1st.. Are you prepared?..:O)
Get your papers, ribbons and buttons ready now..
Were all excited and we hope you are, come and join in on the fun..


  1. Sandy, girl I have been on pins and needles waiting for this blog. Nanne, I was at working surfing today when I saw your it's elementary layout. I so can't wait for you ladies to teach me so many of your beautiful things.

    Each one of you has created a project that I am so lifting, just as it is.

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. This is great. I can't wait to be a part of this blog. I've been following you ladies and I think you are just so talented. So, I'm really excited for this blog to begin. I wish the best of luck to all of you in your new venture.

  3. How awesome! Can't wait to see!!!!!

  4. You're all so talented, I can't wait to see what you girls come up!
    Hugs & Happy Days!

  5. I'm so excited! You all are so talented and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations and wait in anticipation for your challenges.

  6. sounds like fun! I love to see different views of a sketch from all the talent on this MB.
    Looking forward to Oct.1

  7. I have to say..I am interested to see these. I will admit that I have never ever used a sketch so to see something from you gals will be super cool! And I LOVE tutorials, I am a youtube craft video junkie! LOL! Love ya guys!

  8. Love the look of your site! Ill be stopping by to see your challenges.


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