Friday, July 15, 2011

Make your own Flourishes with Ness

Hi everyone Ness here to share with you today something I did quite sometime ago now but love this technique.

These flourishes you can make in advance and just keep making them and extend on the one's you have already bought too.

Ok so lets get started

Some supplies you will need to get started

1. Flourishes you have in your stash still attached to the clear backing
2. Liquid Pearls (you can also use stickles and puffy paint)
3. Transparency Sheets
4. and of course your scanner and printer (or take it down to your local newsagent to have photocopied).

Step 1.

Put your flourish face down on the scanner. Scan and save to your computer. Print this sheet out and this will be your template. You can also change the sizes of your flourishes by making them larger or smaller.

I scanned a couple of different one's on the 1 sheet to use for this tutorial today. Keep these templates to use again in the future.

Step 2.

Place your transparency sheet over the top of the scanned flourishes template and start dotting with the Liquid Pearls. If you over dot don't worry just wipe it off with a wet one and start again. Too easy no mistakes plus you can always cover with a flower or other embellishment if needed.

Step 3

Allow to dry. Once dry trim around your flourishes and place on your layout.

I love this technique and the colours are endless really, with new colours to add regularly. I did a heap of them all at one time so I have plenty to use for awhile and I still have plenty left in my bottles of Liquid Pearls to keep making more when I need to.

You can also use more than 1 colour for your flourish to give it a totally different look.

Here is a layout I have done using this technique. All the flourishes on this layout are handmade using this technique.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial today and give this one a whirl, you won't be sorry.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ness &


  1. What a fantastic Idea and very economical!
    Those flourishes can get to be pricey.

  2. Thanks so much! I love flourishes but was only able to get a few coz their heavy on the pocket. It makes me want to conserve them than use them abudantly.

    With your tutorials, I could add them to my layouts with a variety of colors too to choose from. I just have acrylic paint in a tube and have no perfect pearls at hand. Will try 1st with what i have.

    Thanks for the tutorial!! =)

    "Let's Get Scrappy!"

  3. I love this idea and project Thanks so much for this great tip- I will be making these tomarrow- I'm writing in on my list to do right now!!! They look just like you bought them in the store and you can make them any color you want I like that.

  4. Fantastic tip! Like the other ladies, I love the look of these florishes but can't justify the expense. Now I can buy a few and make my own in colours to suit the LO. :)

  5. What a wonderful idea. I have used my irock stencils and liquid pearls, but this is even better!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. wow...... love this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh how brilliant is this!!.. I know I've spent millions (caugh caugh) on flourishes, so the hubby will be happy, since I'll making my own from now on..thnx so much for sharing

  8. I love this and have seen this before but here's the new part....your's really came out the best! LOL!
    This is amazing and I am in the same boat as others...these are gorgeous but I'm not willing to use them so freely...but maybe now...
    Thanks for this idea and the gorgeous project!!!!

  9. This is such a great tip! Thanks for sharing it with us! I love the fact that you can custom make them to suit your own layouts!

  10. Fabulous idea, Ness! Thanks for preparing this awesome tute!

  11. What a money saving awesome idea!
    Thanks for sharing it with us
    Hugs Wanda

  12. Great tutorial, Ness!!! Love the way you can personalize it to your layout!!! Love the sample layout, too!!! Hugs!!!

  13. Awesome idea! Can wait to try it!!

  14. great tut and great idea love it!!!!!!! :)

  15. love this technique Ness, you are so clever ,, love XX

  16. Well just to let ya know I did try this this past weekend and they turned out great- I ended up doing three sheets of them so I have them in a few colors to grab as needed Again thanks for the great TIP>>>

  17. OMGosh what a great idea! This is one of those things where I popped myself on the head and said "Why didn't I think of that" LOL I Love these things! They do get pricey but now I can have them whenever I want and in ANY color I want, Thank You so much for thinking of it!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa K

  18. Great idea,,Thanks for sharing

  19. Hello, I just found you blog page from Pinterest. Thank you, for sharing your ideas. I'd love to try to make my own flourishes, but I don't understand for to transfer them from the plastic overlay to my layout. Do you use transfer tape? Or is their another way that I'm not aware of. Thank you again for sharing.

  20. Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.


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